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The Physio Institute is an attractive, well-resourced education sector with more than 700 students currently enrolled. Our beautiful grounds are set amongst natural greenspaces in an outer suburb of Multan. Our college vision states an intention to educate leaders of the future in an environment that endeavours to challenge and support. We can proudly say that we have been able to provide house jobs to more than 1000 students at our own surgical hospital, clinics and software house. We place a strong emphasis on values and encourage a positive approach to learning. We employ strategies to help students take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. Join The Physio now and lets develop a Charter of Excellence.

Purpose-built infrastructure

The Physio network was established in 2015, which extended its service to the education Read More...

Versatile course offerings

The Physio College is dealing in versatile field of programs. Currently, we have Read More...

Expert Instructors

Teachers always play a vital role in building a nation. They are the critical elements of Read More...

Job Placements and Trainings

As far as personal and professional development of the students is concerned, Read More...

Clinical approach / Paid House Jobs

The Physio college is working to provide the best clinical services and to produce Read More...

The Physio Advancement Center (TPAC)

TPAC is committed to becoming a world-class development center that produces Read More...

About Us

Education is the base of development of any country. The role of higher education in this regard is very vital and we are committed to provide quality education. This is the time to meet all challenges of the 21st century in order to make a respectable place in the community by setting and achieving the international standards in our educational institutions. The Physio College of Rehabilitation Sciences is one of the most prominent colleges with a good reputation of providing higher education in the field of Basic, Social and Allied Sciences in Multan. The college is located at Kayanpur Chowk on the Southern Bypass & main highway towards Muzaffargarh. The Physio College is currently operating as an Affiliated College of the Government College University of Faisalabad. It is registered with government regulatory bodies like DPI (Directorate of Public Instructions Colleges Punjab), HED (Higher Education Department) and PHEC (Punjab Higher Education Commission). The Physio (Pvt) Limited has been running the supporting projects which including: • Faraz Surgical hospital that commits its premier medical expertise and technological resources to the provision of superior personalized health care.

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Our Faculty

The Physio College Multan is offering several programs in different faculties with the aim of developing an environment the fosters intellectual development of the graduates.

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Allied Health Sciences is an emerging field, giving new dimensions to solve the challenges being faced by health services providing agencies all over the world. Faculty of produces graduates for all major departments of a hospital such as Emergency, ICU, diagnostic laboratory, and operation theatres. Allied Health Professionals provide their skilled services in all concerned departments of medical sciences like Ophthalmology, Optometry, Pulmonologist, Cardiology, Dentistry, Surgery & Pathology etc. The Physio college is devoted to providing the advancement in Medical Sciences through provision of skillful, ethical, and compassionate allied health professionals. The faculty has been established with the aim of training leading allied health experts who are dedicated to providing the best health care services for the patient and able to focus on high-quality research that extends beyond allied health sciences to all scientific disciplines with more significant impact on the health of patients as well as the wider community.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Physio College is offering four years BS program in the Department of Business Administration. It aims to pass out the professionals having the capacity to handle a vast array of routine management duties and are responsible for keeping private and public businesses as well as non-profit organizations running smoothly. The college covers everything from organizational efficiency, future planning, human resources, accounting, marketing, financing and a potentially endless combination of operational duties and responsibilities. People who are natural leaders and excel in management roles are ideal business administration candidates. Students in the business administration program at The Physio College of Rehabilitation Sciences learn an array of skills and hone their communication and leadership abilities to ensure they graduate with the confidence, composure and knowledge to be a valuable asset to all types of businesses. Business administration education is comprehensive in its scope, because management professionals are expected to grasp the whole range of a business’s goals, condition and operating structure. That’s why business administration majors gain a broad base of knowledge in all the various School of Business disciplines. The program includes courses on human resources, operations, economics, financing, accounting, consumer behavior and more. There is an array of doors; an undergraduate business administration degree can open. Keep in mind that the curriculum for this degree gives students an overview of virtually every relevant aspect of business management. If you’re not enthralled with the prospect of working in the private sector, you can also rest assured these same skills are valuable in the public sector and non-profit organizations as well. Many recent graduates take entry-level roles in human resources, operations, finance, accounting, marketing or analysis. Business administration is also an accessible degree path for students who dream of being successful entrepreneurs. The comprehensive nature of the business administration path should equip every student with the basic knowledge necessary to start a business and make informed decisions about everything from establishing organizational goals and budgets to negotiating contracts and tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs).

Faculty of Computer Sciences and IT

The Physio College is offering four years BS program in the Department of Computer Sciences. Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that has become an integral part of the world that we live in today. Having a degree in this field will provide you with a deep understanding of theories and emerging technologies. This knowledge and experience will allow you to develop cutting-edge solutions that address today’s challenges. When applied in an interdisciplinary fashion, students can also draw on their other areas of interest such as biology, business, cybersecurity, economics, engineering, information assurance, languages and linguistics, mathematics, physics, public policy, etc., to address a broader range of complex issues. While studying at The Physio College of Rehabilitation Sciences, students will be prepared for the following different categories. A computer engineering (CE) specialist will focus on hardware. An information system (IS) professional will focus on the organization of data and information. A human-computer interaction (HCI) professional will focus on interfaces and the organization of systems to enhance usability. An information technology (IT) specialist will care for an organization’s technology infrastructure. A software engineer (SE) will lead teams through complex software development projects and ensure efficient and reliable systems. A traditional computer scientist (CS) will design and build software, develop effective ways of solving computing problems, and devise better ways of using computers.

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Popular Courses

The Physio College of Rehabilitation Sciences is offering several top-ranking programs related to health sciences for the bright students in Southern Punjab.


Doctor of Physiotherapy

The Physio College is offering five years Doctoral program in Physiotherapy, and it is “science of healing and a Read More...


Human Nutrition Dietetics

To produce high caliber graduates in the field of Food Science, Nutrition & Home Economics who will Read More...


Medical Laboratory Technician

A Medical Laboratory Technologist performs complex tests for clinical detection leading to reliable Diagnosis. Read More...


Operating Theatre Technologists (OTT)

Operation Theatre Technology is a detailed medical occupation in the field of health science. Also recognized Read More...


BS Computer Science/
Information Technology

Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that has become an integral part of the world that Read More...


Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Business and related subjects (e.g. FAME Group - Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics) are Read More...


Bachelor of Science Biochemistry(BSBC)

The Field of Biochemistry accommodates people with a wide spectrum of interests, from those who view themselves more as chemists.Read More...









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