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The Physio team has successfully done with the physical and mental rehabilitation of 146 Punjab Police Officials and Punjab Police Department arranged an appreciation ceremony on 27-05-2017 at The Physio Multan in which Appreciation award was given to CEO THE PHYSIO (Dr Faraz Bilal) by RPO (DR SULTAN AZAM TEMURI) ,CHIEF COMMISSIONER RTO (KHWAJA SALEEM RAZA) ,DY DIRECTOR GENERAL IB (AFZAL SHEIKH), ED MULTAN INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY (DR RANA ALTAF ) ,EMERGING POLITICIAN AMEERULLAH SHEIKH. Certificates were also given to The Physio Team

Women Wellness Program

We are offering

  • Training for Normal delivery

Exercises to ease labor with less pain

  • Exercise During pregnancy

To facilitate labor and delivery  for better sleep; to gain optimum weight and prevention from aches

  • Fitness and weight reduction after normal delivery and C-section

After a normal delivery and C-section to lose the extra flab and to get back in pre-pregnancy shape quickly

  • Exercise after Gynecological Surgery ( Hysterectomy, Laparotomy , Vaginal Repair for Prolapse)

To protect from future complications and to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  • Treatment for Pelvic Organ prolapse

Natural cure through pelvic floor exercise therapy

  • Treatment for Urinary incontinence

Pelvic floor stimulation for cure of leaky bladder

  • Treatment for Orthopedic conditions (Coccydynia and SI joint Dysfunction, CTS, Sciatica, Tarsal tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome, Diastasis recti)

Management through electrotherapy and manual therapy techniques.

  • Post surgical Breast cancer recovery

Recovery through manual lymph drainage, lymph bandaging, scar management and compression pumping

  • Post menopausal rehabilitation

For the evaluation of Osteoporosis, posture, range of motion, exercise tolerance

  • To Get rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Skin tightening through strength training and toning exercises

The Physio Multan Celebrated WORLD PHYSICAL THERAPY DAY
In which Chief Guests Makhdoom Javed Hashmi (Senior Politician)
Rana Ijaz Ahmad Noon (MPA Shuja Abad)
Prof. Dr Hayyat Awaan (Director Air University Multan)
Ameer Ullah Sheikh (Board of Director Fatmeed Foundation)
Acknowledged the Importance of physical therapy & services provided by THE PHYSIO TEAM at TWO Branches in Whole South Punjab.
On this event The Physio managed
Cake Cutting Ceremony
World Physical Therapy day falls on 8th September every year and is an opportunity for physical therapists of all over the world to raise awareness about the Enthusiastic contribution their profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

Continue reading World Physical Therapy Day

Every month, The Physio Awareness team designates a week to educate people about the benefits and impact of rehabilitation. Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists and Speech Language Pathologists all work together to help individuals overcome obstacles and accomplish normal tasks of daily living. For This the first awareness session review is as follow Continue reading Awareness Sessions

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