Computer Science

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Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science is one of the most prominent and oldest centers of computer education in Multan city and was established as a separate department by offering CS program in 2018. The department provides excellent computing facilities and ensures the enhancement of practical knowledge of students by facilitating them to learning. The Computer Science Department provides a comprehensive range of facilities necessary for computer use and a library of programs and packages for solving scientific, engineering, commercial and social problems.


The vision of the Department of Computer Sciences is to ensure that the students take maximum advantage of the modern computer sciences to solve a wide range of complex scientific, technological and social problems.


The mission of the department is to provide exemplary education and training to our students in the field of computer so that they productively contribute to academia and industry.


  •          Social Media Manager: Create, curate, and manage the digital contents of a company on social websites for effective branding, increasing sales, and reaching a targeted audience.

  •          Graphic designer: Design inspiring and marketing content visually for advertisements, brochures and other virtual layouts for various consumers and companies.

  •         Cyber security Analyst: Makes use of technology and network programs to detect, manage, and prevent cyber threats to digital data and computer networks.

  •          Web Developer: Designs, codes, and modifies websites for usability, functionality, and clear navigation by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages.

  •          Computer Hardware Engineer: Is an expert in technology, electronics, and engineering. Is responsible for developing and testing computer components, such as circuit boards, routers, memory devices, microchips, printers, and keyboards.




BS-Computer Science2018-22

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BS-Computer Science2019-23

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BS-Computer Science2020-24

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       Eligibility Criteria

At least 45 % marks in Intermediate (HSSC), A-Level & equivalent examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics.

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