School of Food and Nutrition

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School of Food and Nutrition

The Physio School of Food and Nutrition



Our  mission is to pioneer the integration of food and nutrition sciences in learner-centered learning environments via food, nutrition, and fitness, as well as to build a world where people have peaceful relationships with food, nutrition, and fitness


•           Promoting healthier habits in life by encouraging wise, nutritionally balanced food decisions and daily physical exercise.

•           Enhancing people's well-being through positive and pleasurable meal management experiences, with an emphasis on dietary transitions

•           Developing and exchanging awareness of human nutrition, dietetics, and food product production to improve economic potential.

•           Designing functional food products with a primary emphasis on disease prevention.

•           Community outreach programmes encourage lifestyle changes for early treatment of noncommunicable diseases.

•           Encouraging lifestyle modifications for early management of Non communicable diseases by community outreach programmes

•           Provision of therapeutic diet services for both inpatients and outpatients in hospitals based on evidence-based practise.

•           Delivering cutting-edge hazard analysis and risk management expertise through new food technology awareness and research in order to ensure healthy food from farm to fork.

Opportunities at The Physio hub:

At Physio hub we will provide our future  Food Scientists and Nutritionist clinical internships

Clinical Approach:

Our students will get exposure in our own and affiliated hospitals, Physio hub and regularly arranged medical camps where they will get clinical dealing knowledge.


  • ·         Hospitals
  • ·         Independent clinics as nutritionists
  • ·         Nutrition Educationists
  • ·         Nutrition Consultants
  • ·         Dieticians
  • ·         Public Health Nutritionists
  • ·         Clinical Dieticians
  • ·         Food Service Administrators
  • ·         Nutrition and Health Expert
  • ·         Weight Management Expertise
  • ·         Therapeutic Diet Planning
  • ·         Public Health Departments
  • ·         School Health & Nutrition Programs
  • ·         Research and Teaching Institutes
  • ·         International Organizations: UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, FAO, World Bank, Non- Governmental Organizations, Community Development Program, Motivational speaker.

 BSc(Hons)  Human Nutrition & Dietetics


Eligibility Criteria Minimum 45% marks in F.Sc (Pre medical)

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